Something New Defined

Well as many people who visit this blog know I need music to create. It is as simple as that. I need music like some people need their cigarettes. So I am constantly on the lookout for new music sometimes I am like a little kid waiting for a cd/itunes to drop like with Paper Trail by T.I.. A friend of mine knows my addiction to music so he is always asking me what do I like. I turned my entire circle of friends on to The Evolution of Robin Thicke so now I am poised to send out an email blast to let everyone know they need to go get Something Else by Robin Thicke. My daughter asked me last night how does he have so much soul in his voice? I told her sometimes it's like that. So below you will find my Something New mix like the Sanaa Lathan movie (haha). Just for the record yesterday I picked up Paper Trail by T.I., The Recession by Young Jeezy, Something Else by Robin Thicke and The Year of the Gentleman by Ne-Yo because I have a lot of candles (300) due to the American Diabetes Association for their benefit in November and need Something New to listen to. So look out for mix tapes coming soon.

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