New Gift Baskets Boxes

Well today I am going to work on upgrading my gift basket boxes for Incidentals by 3 Piece. I started with the large clear chinese take out boxes however I feel it is beyond time to upgrade the entire look to be more in line with who 3 Piece really is. I want to have 3 levels of gift giving available to appeal to budget conscious as well as the fashionista. So I am going to my favorite haunts today to look at their boxes offered as well as possibly switching to the unexpected which is really the expected at 3 Piece. I will post pictures of what I find and maybe you all can give me your thoughts. Also I finally decided on my format for the blog now. I know I went a little music nuts lately but that is really what keeps my juices flowing. So every time I post it will be preceded by what music and what quote are motivating me. So enjoy.

Oh yeah I almost forgot along with the mixtapes and youtube videos I have been posting I also added my playlist created at project playlist. It is not complete but does include a lot of my favorites. I really love music it has always brought me a sense of peace and calm in what has been a very stormy life.
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