Storefront vs. Website: Why can't we all get along

I started 3 Piece to exist exclusively as an online boutique initially but as with all things you must be open to try different things and adjust accordingly. What I have learned along the way are these 3 important things: 1. People need to smell candles and until there is a scratch and sniff screen I must either maintain a storefront and/or ensure I have wholesale accounts. 2. There isn't one answer to this debate because some people love the convenience of click and buy where some people enjoy the interaction with the artisan. 3. With artisan products there aren't any cookie cutter answers what works great for one artist is terrible for another.

I learned that I enjoy smaller trunk shows and markets where I have friends who thrive in the larger 5,000 and up shows. I also have learned a valuable lesson that everything is not for everyone some people love every scent I have ever made and some people swear they cannot smell anything but wax (sidenote: these are also the same people who swear by candles that overwhelm you before you have removed the lid) so I smile say thank you for your time and know that I am in this for the long haul.

My dream is to have a small house that is my storefront where I can open at 10 and close at 2. I want to create an atmosphere where my customers can come by to see what I am working on with pastries and coffee available in the morning and wine with light snacks available in the afternoon. I want to create an environment where we are a community that appreciates great smells, witty sayings and fine design in housewares. A community where a hand thrown plate is appreciated for it's artistry as well as it's uniqueness. Ah but alas it is still a dream so I will do what I can to create the atmosphere online until I achieve my dreams.
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