Holidays and the Independent Artisan

Well low and behold the holidays are upon 3 Piece. My orders as well as traffic from all over the world are picking up significantly and I love it! I have received several orders going all over the United States as well as two orders internationally 1) Singapore and 2) United Kingdom. Wow I love this but what comes to mind for me is the financial crisis everyone is experiencing (including 3 Piece), I had a conversation with a friend of mine recently where I stated that yes some of the larger orders I typically receive during this time may not come in however the individual customers will increase because people like to feel a connection with their product. I know I like to buy handmade items because I feel the person who created the item is personally invested in their product. So I may not do mind numbing numbers to close out the year however I still appreciate each and every person that purchases one (or two) of my candles. I like any and all orders.

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