Planting Seeds Today

I am preparing for the Midtown Market this morning as well as completing an order for one of my most loyal customers. I am not taking my "unpaid personal assistant" Bria with me so I don't know how many pictures I will have to post from the Market today however I will try to get a few at least. So enjoy Bob Marley in the shop today. One of my best friends is an older Jamaican Man, one time we sat and listened to this album on repeat for 4 hours then we discussed in detail each and every song, boy good times. It really taught me a lot, he also talked me out of dreading my hair at that time because I didn't really understand the religious significance.

I want to take a moment to speak about the quote below as well. When I first started this business I had a lot of self doubt and I would constantly ask Jamaican Bobby and the Head Cheerleader "Am I doing the right thing"? However once I started to sell products and even when I have tried something and failed I started to see how I limited myself with my thought pattern. At first I only allowed myself to think if I could just sell enough to earn some extra money while I work. It isn't until you allow yourself to think and dream about the unlimited possibilities when the wheels are put into motion because now you are on to something. Now you have unleashed what could be. I have some customers who have been buying my candles from the very beginning when I didn't have any names and would cut my prices just to move product. They have witnessed my transformation and how this business has taken shape and evolved, and is still evolving. So I say all of that to say "Allow yourself the unlimited possibilities".

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