Kirkwood Market Pictures are up!!

So yesterday I did the Kirkwood Station Market and met some great vendors. Above are pictures of my setup along with PB&J Gallery and Found Objects. I froze my behind off (no not really would take a lot more than 3 hours) but it was cold, I took the unpaid personal assistant and boy wonder with me but they stayed in the car most of the time. I feel a little bad because I normally stay until the very end but this time I left early. I am very sorry Patrick and Randall but it was cold and I was numb. Hopefully they will have me back but if not I understand, so enjoy the pics.

I completely forgot about the Italian Artisan Cheese man until I started posting pics. Delicious! I really love cheese and he had some Sheep's Milk cheese which I had never tried before uhmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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