One of my favorite songs is the title of this post. It is by Jill Scott, I love that song. It reminds me of how much I keep moving and believing not settling for a life less than what I deserve. I went to see Seven Pounds with Will Smith and Rosario Dawson yesterday, I liked it. I found it to be a moving love story but you should see it for yourself. It also reminded me of not settling for a life less than what you are capable of and ensuring that you define what makes for a fulfilling life for you. What is fulfilling for some isn't for others and I don't believe in abc 123 lives. abc 123 lives are those in which you fill in the blanks and think you will be fulfilled (i.e.: go to college, get a good job, marry the safe person etc. etc. etc...). For some that works and it gives them a sense of security however for me I have chosen to walk a different path to fulfillment. I find joy in so many things so I am going to list just a few below:

1. The color purple - it is so rich and regal it just fills me with this great feeling. I always feel like I am royalty when I wear it.

2. Good wine, Good conversation and Good food - these 3 things together make me giddy like a school girl. In years past I have cooked for all of my friends on my birthday. I have also required that they dress up, bring a friend and plan to enjoy the evening just loving and talking with each other. It has always brought me great joy.

3. Shiny sparkly things - Listen it has taken me some time to embrace my feminine side but honey now I fully embrace who I was designed to be and I just think I look great with shiny sparkly things in my ears. Not garish things mind you but simple elegant shiny baubles.

I hope everyone reading this continue to seek joy in all things and enjoy your days they are either limitless or numbered depending on your view.

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