The Floodgates are OPEN!!!!

First off let me say there aren't any pictures of the pillows yet because I haven't taken any. So there. I have 3 designs that are prepped however the sewing machine is not acting right. I have broken a needle, popped untold amounts of thread and for some reason the needle isn't picking up the bobbin thread. So I am going to try to contact support so I can resolve this because I am all in now.

A few posts back I asked if anyone knew the name of the song by Chaka Khan off the Clockers soundtrack well I FOUND IT!!!!!!! So I posted the cd I originally heard it on below, however listening to it takes me back to when I owned it. You see I used to live in this huge house and was running a elevator company and practicing real estate (can you say stressed to the nth degree?). Anywhoo that was when 3 Piece (the man) was still in my life but pulled his first disappearing act, at the same time my grandfather had just suffered a major stroke, I lost 3 of my elevator contracts and my real estate career disintegrated before my eyes. Can you say divine providence? Well I owned at the time over 3,000 cd's that were in alphabetical order and kept under lock and key in a lateral file cabinet in my office. Yep I love music. Well while I was in Columbus Georgia at the hospital with my grandfather someone broke in my house and stole EVERYTHING. I was gone one weekend and my furniture, clothes, shoes, jewelry but most importantly my MUSIC was stolen. I gave in. I didn't buy or own any music for close to 3 years after that. Fast forward now I have 2 Ipods of my own and the kids both have ipods. Child Genius won a shuffle at school two years ago for just being so great, so this year for her 16th Birthday I upgraded her to a Nano and Boy Wonder received her hand me down. Life is Good!

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