Lots and Lots of Changes at 3 Piece...

Well today I am working on about 50 things at one time but most importantly Sabrina Johnson of Tackle That Task and I are going to finally nail down this packaging situation. You see I must upgrade the packaging not only for The Trumpet Awards but for all the other submissions I do to boutiques, award ceremonies, weddings, etc.. So Sabrina and I are working on 3 options so we can upgrade 3 Piece once and for all. I am also going to pick up the final pieces for the Lab that I found through Craig's List, boy do I love Craig's List. Finally, I am going to pick up more materials to the finish The Trumpet Awards order. Whew. Nonstop body rock at 3 Piece.

Anywho look at the tree in the picture below doesn't it look like it's dancing? So the quote from Alice Walker and the pure pop goodness from Justin Timberlake just fits right in, right? Enjoy.

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