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So I tried to link the blogs and yeah not working right now. Until we are able to work that out I will be posting here live and in living color.

I posted the 1st Madonna album today because I was a fool for Madonna growing up off Candler Rd in Decatur Georgia. I mean I knew every move to the Lucky Star video and BORDERLINE was my cut. You may ask "How did j watch a video in the hood?" Well the answer is simple when MTV first premiered and BET for that matter they were on TBS which was free as long as you had an antenna. MTV introduced me to so much music that I had no idea about Madonna, The Beatles, The Cure, What was that group Simon Lebon was in?, I am getting old dang. So I digress Kanye posted the other day that Lady GaGa is the new Madonna and I started thinking "Why do we always put our artists out to pasture like that?" Last time I checked Madonna was still kicking @$$ and taking names. I am on the fence about the Lady GaGa phenomenon however that could be because I am 37 and not 16 like my daughter but I do love Fall Out Boy which she introduced me to. Anywho there you have it my Madonna obsession has been revealed.

I also posted the pic from the 1930's because I think we need to place our current situation in the proper context. This picture is from a Sharecropper's home in Mississippi and his daughter is preparing for church. What struck me about this photograph is how they put newspaper on the walls for insulation and now there is a design craze about wallpapering your bathrooms with newspaper and text from books. Who knew the sharecropper was ahead of his time.



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