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So I have been using the long weekend to finally jump start the additional products I will offer at 3 Piece. The first of which are handpainted mixed media coasters. This started as something raunchy with Betty and Veronica comics however when I applied the first coat of Polyurethane the ink from the other side bled through so I had to regroup. This first set of four are painted gold with different fortune cookie sayings contained in the handpainted heart.

Also I posted Joi because I FREAKING love her live shows man. I always say to Child Genius and Boy Wonder I am not spending my good money if an artist does not know how to put on a live show, point. blank. period. This woman does not get her just due and I personally think a ton of artists that come through Atlanta tend to bite bits and pieces of her style for their shine. No matter how much music I listen to she always stays in the top 23 of my top 25 on my Ipod.

Child Genius took the photo below as we were driving down MLK home, she loves the clouds, I do too. Also to all my other Veterans (U.S. Air Force 90-95) remember the ones that didn't make it today. Oh that reminds of a story, I was stationed in San Antonio working in Supply Store (that's what you get when you don't have a clue where you are going) and I worked with a Vietnam Vet named Mr. Willie. Well Mr. Willie had been to Vietnam on 3 tours and was not on any medication as he liked to say. Mr. Willie would also have very active flashbacks in the warehouse and I somehow in my uniform reminded him of his fallen comrades EVERY WEEK. I came to love Mr. Willie and also developed a greater compassion for the men I see on the street everyday. You never know what people have gone through to get where they are. Like the Jack Nicholson movie maybe this is "As Good As It Gets" for them.


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