new feature on redesigned 3 Piece website

I wanted to talk about one of the new features I really love about my redesigned website. The search option, woohoo!!! I love it because it now allows customers to search an ingredient in one of the candles without actually knowing the name or if they can't remember the name. A lot of my customers will either email or call me and say "You know the one I like" which I do. However, now they have the option to go to the website and search for lemongrass or frankincense which returns quite a list of available scents for them to choose from.

I posted the Maxwell song today because I think Maxwell is phenomenal. There is a video of his appearance on the Tavis Smiley show where he speaks about his choice to wait so long between releasing albums. If I find the link I will update with it later. It is well documented that I want to go play amongst the clouds and Child Genius takes a mean cloudscape picture.


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