Well I am planning on creating more products this weekend as well as going to a state park or two with the kids.

I posted the image that I saved from NoSys back in 2006 when I first started on MySpace. I am currently on FIVE social networking sites that I list however a lot more than that actually. I started on MySpace and that is where I found so many kindred spirits who were Creatives, Artisans, Artists,etc. who just wanted a place to let their voice and products be seen/heard. I have actually received quite a few orders via MySpace as well so I use all of the social networking sites as Marketing tools because the way I see it if I didn't do these things how would people know what I do. The Brand is 3 Piece but I am 3 Piece so basically I am the Brand, flaws and all.

I posted the Reggae today because one of the three in my inner circle is Jamaican and every time he throws a party I dance and eat like crazy. Love It!!!


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