Good Morning Sunshine....

Well I have been a very busy bee. This weekend I had the pleasure of making candles for a Diversity Training that took place yesterday. Boy Wonder started Basketball Camp on Monday, All Basketball All Day 5 days a week, Yeah!!!! Child Genius and I are trying to find her some volunteer opportunities as well as scheduling college road trips in which I have every intention of embarrassing her without fail. I have at last count 4 different products in production around La Casa 3 Piece. However there is a subject I would like to touch on Creative Theft.

I subscribe to Google Alerts as well as I tend to google my product names and ingredients to find out if there are any people around trying to pose like their Funky like me. Well Well Well there are two companies both based in Georgia both started after I started mine in 2004 who have both produced SOY CANDLES in way too close to be comfortable scents like mine with if not the exact names then the names are too damn close for comfort for me! It took everything I had not to contact them but what I did do was contact my attorney because sometimes people assume because I am a one woman show they can take my $#!t they are bat shit crazy. I am a fighter and I have worked too hard creating these products trying to be different from every other candle manufacturer who just buys fragrance oils to let some trust fund kid and spoiled rich woman take my stuff. Whoo there I said it, Child Genius didn't understand why I was so pissed but hopefully some of you will.

I posted the pics from this weekend, I am really liking the SUPER sign, as well as Beyonce because I really like that song. Singing "I got a big ego such a huge ego".


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