It's Saturday Let's Celebrate!!!

Well Good Morning All!
I am finishing my products that are in various steps of development today. I have some that I think are going to really take off. After I am done with them I have to find the perfect place to take pictures of them. I was rejected by two different online exhibition sites recently so instead getting down about it, I have studied the other artisans listed and decided to change my product shots. Sometimes rejection just makes me hungrier, makes me want it just that much more so I am going for it again.

I posted the three different versions of Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood to show how one song can change depending on who is giving their interpertation. Now I know Ms. Nina Simone cannot be touched however as a hip-hop head I do appreciate Common and the Tupac/Lil Wayne remix.

I posted the Steve Jobs commencement address at the 2005 Stanford graduation because I had previously posted a quote of his from this speech and I don't think that quote adequately captured the beauty of this speech. I sometimes think that we give all of this great advice and wisdom to the youth but are they really listening? I mention this because Child Genius was inducted into the Talented Tenth for her high school (she's number two!!!) however while the chosen speaker was giving his speech 80% of the children were either text messaging or talking to each other. I mentioned to Child Genius as we were leaving that they had missed out on a very inspirational speech. She and I were very enthused and inspired as we were leaving and proceeded to have the best conversation all the way home. It is very frustrating to me at times. Anywho have a great weekend and see you on Monday.


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