New Products going in the shop today...

Above are pictures of the new throw pillows I am putting up in the shop today. I also have 3 more in production right now. More new products on the way I think I just hit my stride. Also below is an explanation of why I call the line Argent De Lait:

The First set of Argent De Lait throw pillows are going up in the Shop today. I named the throw pillow line Argent De Lait because I wanted it to convey the meaning Milk Money. One of my favorite movies is "Cinderella Man" with Russell Crowe and one of my favorite lines in the movie comes from the press conference when he is making his come back and they ask "What are you fighting for?" and his reply is classic "I'm fighting for milk money" (I think) but that really has pushed me in some very hard times to always remember what I am fighting for.

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