New Scent on the way...

I have been busy creating new scents by special request for facial oils just for men. However while formulating these I was spurred to revisit a scent I started working on last year. Oooooooh I got it this time I created it on Saturday it has been fermenting since in the dark cave where I keep all my scents locked up. Every morning I have opened the bottle to see if the right notes are combined yet. Today is the day my friends, today I make sample candles to test it's throw but the scent itself is so masculine, sexy, elegant. I cannot wait to smell this burning in my house! It contains notes of woods, fig, and cranberry but those are just the top notes I have about 15 different ingredients marinating right now. I try not to have favorites with my scents but I think this may be my new baby. The crazy part is I normally don't name scents until I have created them because I want to see where they take me however I wrote down a name last week because I kept dreaming about it. I think I have the name already. For the first 5 people who would like to sample the new scent along with 2 other scents send me an email with your address to and I will send you a care package. I will need to receive this email no later than August 18th.

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