My new best friend...Google Analytics!

So I don't know how many of you are completely impressed with the Google suite of products as I am however I just added a new love to the arsenal...Google Analytics. Somehow I ended being a right and left brain person, I am an artisan who loves absolutely unequivocally loves reports. I run analytics on both my website and this blog. I can run reports for two hours straight and never tire of the information. I look at the reports and then try to look at the path people take to make it to my sites. I look at how much time a person spends on my sites it intrigues me. I also look at it from a business perspective, are my ads driving traffic to my site?, how much traffic is each ad driving? what products are they clicking on? This goes on and on and helps me when it is time to renew ads to look how much I spent versus how many people came to my site. I have said all of this to just reaffirm to the small businesses out there that you have the tools you need.

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