Needs vs. Wants...

So I have a Lust list where I put the items that I WANNNNNNNNNT but what happens every month is the NEEDS of Child Genius and Boy Wonder always trump that list but this week dangnammit I am going to scratch something off of my want list. You see I covet a new camera, I have been using my Kodak Easyshare CX7300 for about 7 years now yes you read correctly 7 YEARS. What I really really really want is a Canon Rebel XS 10.1 MP but what I more than likely will end up purchasing is this Canon Powershot SX200-IS 12.1 MP camera which is not much of a downgrade but I want what I really want man. My little Kodak has been good to me however it is sadly only 3 megapixels which how much detail can I go into with 3 mp. I want the shot I want to be able to see the detail of the bird's face on the fence. But Child Genius needs to send off college applications ($$) Boy Wonder needs equipment for Baseball ($$) so maybe this week I can scratch one of my wants off of my list.

I know I recycled Queen Sheba's words but I feel they are very appropriate today.

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