Re*Paper and Creatives Unite!

Soooo one of the first shows I did in 2009 was Mommy and Me where I met the lovely Sara of Re*Paper who handcrafts journals but more importantly Boy Wonder took notice that she handcrafted journals and spent the better part of 3 months repeating this phrase "Have you contacted the lady about making me a sports journal yet?" When Child Genius went to Borders to look at their journals he was not having it, at all. I then send over the email to Sara which led her to inform me she had never done a sports journal but would love to create one for me on one condition. She wanted to barter because she wanted to try my candles! Well YEAH!!!! So the end result is we met up yesterday over at the Edgewood Caribou Coffee to exchange the goods because each of our products are handcrafted we had to coordinate when the other would be complete. So above are pictures from the trade and let me just say that Sara of Re*Paper is the sweetest she just let Boy Wonder give his feedback, ask numerous questions and she seemed to enjoy it. He has already started writing in it and plans to take it to school to show his friends his handcrafted journal.

***Aside*** Both Boy Wonder and Child Genius are HIGHLY inquisitive, Child Genius however will only quiz me whereas Boy Wonder if he ever met you will ask you a minimum of 100 questions***

I tried to post two videos of Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings but the second one didn't come through for some reason. Sharon Jones is letting these little girls know that FUNK LIVES! Her band was the backing band for Amy Winehouse and I have a sneaky suspicion that maybe Sharon helped a little on vocals.


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