But she doesn't work as hard as you Mommy...

So yesterday Child Genius comes home from School and couldn't wait to express me how much she loves me. She went on to tell me how they had a speaker at school who was supposed to represent a small business owner, the person who spoke yesterday was a party lite representative. Well well well Child Genius decides to grill this lady about how their candles are made, are they all natural, etc. etc. etc.. However the final nail was when Child Genius asked "How do you market your business?" and the reply "Well my corporate office sends out brochures, sets up my website, etc.?" Needless to say Child Genius was outdone she came home saying "She said she did shows but what she really does are parties because I have done shows" I found it too funny but also wonderful because she has witnessed all of my hard work how I develop the ideas for products, create the products, design packaging, logo,stationary,website etc., how I market etc., etc.,etc.. She and Boy Wonder are witnessing what it really takes from inception to reality. I smiled sooo hard realizing this is not in vain that it is sinking in that this is for them.

I posted the Words video because I had a conversation to that effect last night. The pics are from immediate circle in Atlanta and the quote from Nikki Giovanni need I say more.


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