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So the above image are paintings that hang on the wall on the way into the Lab. I posted them there so I can look up and remind myself to B Love and Fly Free. It has taken me a while to understand who exactly I am now and what my spirit is working on during my time on this Earth. There is a book titled "The Secret Life of Bees" I read it initially about 5 years ago then bought a copy for Child Genius when she turned 13. I am all 3 of the sisters rolled into 1. I have the sensitivity of May, the anger of June and the unconditional love of August. It was the anger of June that has almost wiped me out a few times however it has also saved me more times than I can count. It is because I was so angry that I was able to leave home, that same anger helped me block the horrible things that happened to me as a child until my spirit was ready to deal and that same anger helped me walk away from my marriage. However at this point in my walk I have learned to operate from a standpoint of love that if I do not love a person, place or thing then I don't need it in my circle. I also fully understand my need for freedom it is essential to my very being. That is part of the reason why it will take a special person to continue on this walk with me because I NEED my space. I also remind myself with the hearts to Stretch, Fly, Be and Live Free. Yep everyday.

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