You inspire me part three... Cathy Hughes

Cathy Hughes

For more information you can click the link above however here is the part that gets me everytime:

In 1979, Hughes founded Radio One, and with then-husband Dewey Hughes bought AM radio station WOL 1450 in Washington, D.C.[2] After the previous employees had destroyed the facility,[citation needed] she faced financial difficulties and subsequently lost her home and moved with her young son to live at the station. Her fortunes began to change when she revamped the R&B station to a 24-hour talk radio format. Hughes is also a minority owner of BET industries.

Hughes and Radio One went on to own 70 radio stations in nine major markets in the U.S. As of 2007, Hughes's son, Alfred Liggins, III, serves as CEO and president of Radio One, and Hughes as chairperson.

In January 2004, Radio One launched TV One, a national cable and satellite television network which bills itself as the "lifestyle and entertainment network for African-American adults." Hughes interviews prominent personalities, usually in the entertainment industry, for the network's talk program TV One on One.

Both Cathy Hughes and her son, Alfred Liggins have been named Entrepreneur of the Year by the company Ernst & Young. She is also a notable member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Also when shopping for a loan to rebuild the radio station Ms. Hughes was told no over 40 times but that did not deter her she was determined to here a yes. It came in the 41st answer.

I truly believe that in Life when we are dealing with challenges and difficulties if we doggedly look for the lesson instead of wallowing in the misery we become better, stronger, wiser and leaner. I have said to myself during this building a business and raising children phase of my life that "This too shall pass" there have been many obstacles to what I have visualized for my business and my children. However we must always remember that these obstacles are temporary and work our plan to remove them, it is not immediate the returns may very well be 5-10 years away but we can not lose sight of what our original purpose as we defined it.

Ms. Hughes continues to inspire me because she brought her son onboard to assist with the business and train him to lead. Bravo Ms. Hughes Bravo!

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