Alright I'm Back...

I know I suddenly disappeared on everyone but I needed to take a hiatus to work on my spiritual,physical and emotional well-being. I have been reading a lot: The Autobiography of Malcolm X (reread), Uncle Tom's Cabin (1st time), The Secret Life of Bees (reread) and The Art of War (1st time). I have also been bringing Pilate's and Yoga into my life in the mornings which make my days much better as well as Yoga in the evening as well. I have been working with Child Genius on the big lead up to her retaking the SAT on October 10Th and running like crazy taking Boy Wonder back and forth to Fall baseball games and practices. In the middle of all of the that I somehow managed to pick up a new wholesale account at Savi Urban Market in Inman Park.

So I'm back and posted a play list that incorporates a lot of my favorite militant songs. To this day two of the best concerts I have ever seen were Public Enemy when I was 13 and Erykah Badu two years ago absolutely fabulous. I am sorry for the non communication however I will make up for it with new pics and some more exciting news upcoming.


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