The Secret Life of a Queen Bee....

So the quote below inspired my tattoo which I had done almost 5 years ago now. The picture also looks almost identically like it except I don't have any color. It is a very big tattoo where the average can't see it and it already hurt enough. When I had it done I was going through a very painful breakup and I didn't want to go back AGAIN. Whenever I am down and look at the separate parts of my life it sometimes becomes overwhelming until I think of this quote and simply state but "I Fly Anyway". You see what I have personally discovered about people who tell you what you cannot do is really their fear projecting on you, quite simply "I Fly Anyway". If we really think about it if noone ever told you what you couldn't do what would you do? When I left home for the Air Force my entire family laughed and stated you will be back in two weeks. I really wanted to quit after two weeks too except they laughed at me and I wanted to show them I could do it. When I found out I was pregnant with my son and the Dr.'s stated it would kill me to have him one of my Aunt's scheduled three different appointments for me to get an abortion. I refused. I refused to believe that the Universe would finally bless me with my son (I knew time I got pregnant it was a boy) to give up that easily. It was her fear projecting on me over time she has confessed that she would not have been able to do it. When I had my son and was now a walking statistic, single mother of two children by two different men my family laughed and talked behind my back "She's stupid there is no way she is going to make it." I cannot pretend the walk has been easy because it hasn't but what it has been at every turn is RICH. You see I have three different vision boards one for me personally, one for my family and one for my business. On each and every one of them I have written the word WEALTHY but my definition of Wealth is not necessarily what constitutes Wealth to anyone else. As I look over my life I have WEALTH unimaginable by many, I have a wealth of knowledge, strength, love,persistence,and determination. I am one of those people who believes as a core tenant of her existence that "If you can conceive it then you can achieve it" but nobody said it was going to be a cake walk.

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