Whatever you think,speak and do....Becomes

I am a firm believer in speaking things into existence. I have seen this repeatedly throughout my life I am bearing a living witness currently in my physical well-being. However I also know you cannot speak empty words the words must be worth their weight in gold. Recently I had an argument with my current lover about this very thing he made a statement that sent me into the stratosphere "J, these words we are speaking are only worth a grain of salt." My response: "Actually everything in my life is worth it's weight in gold including my thoughts and words." I use to have a saying I would introduce myself to potential lovers like this "Hi I am Jacquelyn and I swim in the Deep End of the Ocean." So to detract any toe dippers I go on to explain in detail who I am and what my priorities are. I have also asked these 3 questions of my last two lovers:

1) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

2) Are you a good father?

3) What do you love about yourself?

I have found that just as women struggle with the last question so do men. It throws them off balance because many of them don't really know what they love about themselves. I have come to learn and practice in life that there are moments that are clarifying if you are in them. If your words are only worth a grain of salt then why speak? I am for living life completely and fully inhabiting each and every moment. So Peanut Gallery what do you LOVE about yourself? My answers are below:

1) My Spirit
2) My Smile
3) My Breasts
4) My Style
5) My Legs

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