I shall be a Mule no more...

You know I had a dozen videos I wanted to post from various people I listen to but this one quote kept repeating in my head: "The Black Woman is the Mule of the world. by Zora Neale Hurston" I remember having an argument about this quote years ago with a former acquantice of mine who stated that as a Black Woman I accepted my load more readily instead of understanding my true role, I wasn't ready for his wisdom then. I have spent a month pushing my self out of my self imposed comfortable box, I have started working out 6 days a week at home with taebo, pilates, yoga and kickbox cross training, I have reignited my passion for reading and am finishing up Uncle Tom's Cabin today, I am learning to play chess, and I also have worked on identifying my pattern of sacrificing my talents for everyone else's gain. I am worthy of and deserve Excellence. I have taught my children this since their births but I do not treat myself as if I DESERVE it. I have found that when you exist in a world where you are the strongest there is a tendency to dumb yourself down so you can relate to those around you however that is a coward's way. I have found more varied and healthier relationships online than I have ever experienced with women most especially. In these relationships I am learning to love me more to understand that I am worthy of that familial love.

So today I resolve that I shall be a Mule no more.

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