Missing Lauryn Hill 2009...

So I have mentioned previously that two of the best concerts I have ever experienced in my lifetime were Erykah Badu and Public Enemy. Now you all know that had to be a third, this is 3 Piece you know. Lauryn Hill brought me through with her classic album and twisted my afro with her performance at Lakewood Ampitheatre during her tour. I have always thought she is one of the most beautiful women (reminds me of a younger Gladys Knight actually) and she had it. But sometimes the problem with having IT is you take IT for granted. Now I have used Ms. Hill as a teaching tool for my daughter just from what I have noticed on the outside looking in. As I suddenly had an epiphany today regarding my own love life I sat listening to the MisEducation cd and started to read some Rolling Stone articles about Ms. Hill. As a young 20 something woman involved in a pissing contest with a much older man you always lose. However when the outside world observes your love through your chosen medium of music then takes hold of you you lose another part of you then you add in another man (same animal just in different clothing) along with 3 children back to back, all taking pieces of you. What part of you is left? So you wake up looking at thirty thinking what happened so you seek Spiritual Guidance but a wolf shows up instead. She could spend the next 20 years just trying to get back to what she knew. I know I too have been there but the rest of the world has not born witness to my love being laid bare. So I miss Lauryn Hill but more than anything I just want her to find her authentic voice and stay true even if she never makes another cd. Shoot Frankie Beverly and Maze have been touring off their last cd for 30 years I don't see what the problem is. But back to IT sometimes the problem with possessing IT so early on in life is that you don't have a clue that you have IT until you lose IT. I also think that what is IT to everyone else is meaningless to the person who possesses IT without self-love.

Self-Love is absolutely essential for everyone in this world. Without that crucial factor you have no clue what you are worth so you give yourself to the trash man for a smile and a head nod. Within the past 3 years I have learned to look at myself in the mirror and love my wrinkles next to my eyes and laugh lines around my mouth. I am going gray now and you know what I love those too. So this week I will be posting a lot of Lauryn Hill videos because I see some of me in Lauryn I too have dropped my basket with my apples in it, and when I picked my basket back up and started to count my apples I suddenly realized OH I gave some of those to ?, then some to Child Genius, and Boy Wonder oh yeah don't forget about ? and ?. So now I will bear more fruit to give again but only to those who truly reflect my higher self.

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