3 little things about J...

1. I study history like I am a professor. At dinner we discuss the kids lessons at school and they turn into 3 hour history lectures about how it is all connected.

2. I cook everything in a base of onions and garlic. sometimes I add green peppers and sometimes carrots but rest assured there are always onions and garlic in my house. Boy Wonder asks every single time "Is there garlic in this?" and my answer "There's garlic in every thing I cook". I also eat these things every day to help me control my blood sugar and my blood pressure: cinnamon, garlic, flax seeds, beans and teas(roobios and ginger).

3. I am also a Science Fiction Geek (which I have passed on to my wonderful offspring) and cannot wait to see both of the Avatar Movies. The one that has me itching right now is this one:

click here for the trailer


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