Happy Birthday Boy Wonder!!!

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Today is the day that I began my transition to becoming the Woman I am today. Today the person who looks at me like I am the sun,moon and the stars came into being on this Earth.

I have never known a love like this one, for that alone I am beyond grateful. Thus far he has taught me patience, understanding and self-confidence. He is the most self-confident person I have ever met and he has always been this way. When he was 3 I took him roller skating and put the baby skates on him, I then tried to take him to the baby skating area. He wouldn't have any of it he jumped into the adult skating area and held his own. Once he makes up his mind that he can do something he doesn't care how many times he falls or hurts himself he will learn this thing so he can check it off in his mind. I love THAT about him. However as a parent that is also the scariest thing about him because quite honestly he knows no fear. So my job this go round is to nurture his spirit but temper his fearlessness. Happy Birthday Boy Wonder you are my pride and joy and this next song is for you.

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