New chapters and living the dream...

So I know I've been very sporadic this year but I am working on changing that. You see Child Genius graduated from High School in May and with that came SAT, College Applications, College acceptance/rejection letters, and decisions decisions decisions. So she decided on a small all girls college located in Virginia and I am very happy for her. However as the day draws closer that my oldest child and longest relationship leaves the nest I take a much closer look at my life.

I have made great strides over the past 365 days regarding various lists I keep around my abode. As a matter of fact on every list (5) I have done all but one thing which I am working on now. So it's time for a new set of lists of things I want to accomplish and habits I would like to work on changing. There are some flaws of mine that just are what they are and I refuse to waste any more time beating myself up about it, or as Child Genius likes to remind me I am perfect in all my imperfections. With that said there are some things I really want to do in this life that I live one of which is travel more and with Child Genius going to Virginia for college that is just the kick in the pants I needed to start planning these great road trips not to just visit her but to see the lay of the land. I also am fine tuning the new product offerings from 3 Piece but I don't want to reveal too much too soon (guilty of that for many years).

So I am working on more frequent posts as well as frequently traveling with Boy Wonder as my companion.

I am living my Dream...

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