Friends with yourself...

The quote below was on my tea tag yesterday and I knew when I read it I would have to post it. I have been thinking a lot about Child Genius leaving and how much I am going to miss her because she is the only person on this Earth that knows me as well as I know myself. As I have thought about this for weeks I had an epiphany yesterday while steeping my tea.

Wait! I know myself better than anyone else on this Earth because I am my own best friend. Woohoo! It changed my mind yesterday when I came to this realization not that I had been moping around because C.G. is leaving I had been just a tad melancholy but also excited for her if that makes any sense. I want her to fly free and become her own best friend without it taking her 20 years to get there like it took me. So as I thought about how well I know myself and how I have forgiven myself for the idiotic choices I have made over the years I started to swell with proud about my accomplishments too.

I LOVE ME and when I say that I don't mean it in some oooh I'm the best thang that was ever made too self-absorbed to see the rest of the world way. I mean it in a way sort of like a breath of fresh air, I love the way my mind works, the way I word associate and can never have a 5 minute conversation with anyone. I always say to my kids to live as though you would choose yourself as a friend. I would choose myself as my own friend hell I have chosen myself as my own best friend. I read a book years ago (can't recall the name) where it talked about being present in all of your moments and I think that is the best advice ever. I started by being present in tying my daughter's shoes, being present in cooking dinner, I have learned to not allow my mind to drift and focus on anything other than what I am doing at this moment. So because I have been present in my moments I have also been present with myself perfect in all my imperfections.

So that is all I have and as you can tell with this post touched off by a tea tag I am okay with rambling.

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