Summer 2010 is rocking and rolling...

all photos by j

Above is a collage of some of the activities I have participated in this summer and we are only on the first day whew. I have been to 2 cookouts, 1 of which was my maternal family and the other a Soul in the park affair that had me dancing for 4 hours straight. The next big thing was I Jacquelyn Roberts took a ROAD TRIP to Birmingham Alabama to visit the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. I went on this great adventure with two of the best road warriors around Stephanie and Zipporah. We keekee'd all the way there and back and almost gave several nice southern ladies in Birmingham an old fashion heart attack because WE COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES. I really wish they allowed pictures inside the institute but I do not think pictures can capture the absolute mind blowing experience that I had. This institute is a true multi-media experience with a multi-layered cultural story being told. Between the artwork, artifacts and actual stories it just surrounds you with the history and reminds you of the massive sacrifices that were made to allow our generation to enjoy the many privileges we currently take for granted. As we were entering the gift store after the experience we met a young lady from Canada who complimented my friend Stephanie on her short natural she stated that this was her first visit to the Southeast and she was there for a family reunion so I remarked "Oh one of your ancestors made it" and her reply "Yes". Beautiful experience.

Zipporah, Stephanie and I then became ladies who lunch at the Surin Thai restaurant in downtown Birmingham. It was just what I needed because I have been in Creation ever since I returned. I have 10 products making their debut this week in the shop, so I told Boy Wonder I needed that trip to recharge my batteries. By the way this was my first road trip without kids in over 9 years I feel my wings growing a little.

Hope you are having a grand time this summer too.

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