Whew where did the time go?....

Well I have been first preparing my daughter then actually driving and moving my daughter into college. Above is a small snapshot of the pictures that myself and Boy Wonder took along the way. However this post is really about the one question everyone has "How are you doing?"

I don't know yet. You see my daughter is what I like to call Me 2.0, she is taller, smarter, prettier and generally just a kick ass kid. So imagine the longest successful relationship you have ever had and the participant in said relationship must leave home to grow. It sucks a big fat goose egg on one hand however if you really look at the situation as a whole it is the most beautiful feeling I have ever had. It shows me that I am successful, wonderful, intelligent, and all of those things she is because I had to lay the foundation for her. It also shows that people can take so called statistics and stick them where the sun don't shine because this right here is one of my truths, if you want something bad enough hell nor high water will stop you. What I wanted more than anything in this world was a family where I felt safe and loved. I created that with my children starting with the foundation laid for Child Genius.

That foundation is not without a few do overs and a couple of bricks layed wrong but when you have absolutely no road map and are pretty much winging it for the first 7 years that's what happens. However I did something that was the key to change: I made up my mind to seek knowledge, if I didn't know how to tutor my daughter I went looking for a tutor, if I felt she wasn't receiving the best education I looked for a better school. I felt as though had I had a foundation when I started my first steps in my adult life I would not have settled so easily so I have been determined to ensure that both my children know that they are important and I am their foundation. Home is not a building it is where you feel love, unconditional love so no matter how far around the world they travel whether I am dead or alive they will always have a home.

So how do I feel, well I am not sure yet because this is all so brand new I am just in awe of how beautifully everything is working together. I know she misses home and I know we miss her terribly but beyond that this is the opportunity for her to spread her wings and take full advantage of every opportunity she encounters. So we miss her yes however we are already planning trips to see her which means ROAD TRIPS and I am very much looking forward to the adventure. So I guess that is the nut of it, I have mourned what was but am very much celebrating what is and what will be.

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