Guess What?! 3 Piece was featured on Mixed Plate Blog!

I was busy with Child Genius preparations when it first went up however here is a small portion of the interview...

Name (first and last): Jacquelyn Roberts

Business Name: 3 Piece

Where are you located? Atlanta Georgia

What is it that you design and create? Artisan soy and beeswax candles where I create the scents from essential oils, vintage fabric throw pillows and mixed media tumbled marble coasters for a start. I am working on 3 new products that will be added under the Mi Sala Furnishings line.

How did you come up with your business name? I was coming out of another failed relationship and another failed business when I thought how I had done for everyone else but never thought about what I liked to do or what I wanted. So I thought I wanted to honor my truth but then thought how pretentious because just because it’s my truth it isn’t everyone’s so I decided that truth is your truth, my truth and what really happened: 3 Pieces to the truth puzzle.

Where/How did this all begin? I think I partially answered this question but it started in Atlanta where I had a 5 year old whose skin was constantly dry and nothing would keep him moisturized so I started researching things for my sons skin and making batches to keep me busy after a messy breakup. Well I always made too much and started selling the oils at the Moreland Avenue Flea Market here in Atlanta where the customers would ask if the oils were burning oils which led me to research how could I create burning oils without the chemical additive and this led me to all natural candles. I started with 4 scents originally based on quotes I loved and would write around my home.

For the rest of the interview go to Mixed Plate.

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