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So I have been away from you so very long I don't know how to begin this post.  However I must begin this post because I cannot just close my most personal blog to date and leave.  This has been my refuge and respite from all when I had no other place to bear witness I laid it all out here for every aspect of my life.  I have decided to change the name of this blog so it more accurately reflects what it already personal journal following every part of my life.  The last time I stopped by was in October 2011 soooooo much has happened and is continuing to happen since that last drive by.  Oh as a disclaimer this is about to be a doozy of a post you may need to read it in small bites...

                                          San Francisco, California August 2011

 I have been traveling a lot...the picture above is from my trip in August to San Francisco.  It also is a great lead in to what should be very obvious...I have gone and found myself experiencing love with another again.  This fresh start is so personal I don't know if I want to share but I will say the things I love most about him are the very things I love most about myself: He is a creative, abstract thinker, reads veraciously, loves music, open to new experiences, loves to travel, great communicator, wonderful friend... I am thankful for his presence in my life.

                                          Savannah, Georgia February 2012

Now what else is new...Child Genius is still finding her footing in college, Boy Wonder is going through puberty and being a direct reflection of me (mirrors are funny that way), 3 Piece is still moving along and I have decided to start a consultation firm for small business The JRG Group.  I have also decided to write a book this year but I don't know if I should do something similar to Maya Angelou and break my story into 3 tomes or write something along the lines of fiction.  I must write these stories however to set them free to heal someone else, it's time.

                                           Brooklyn, New York May 2011
I will wrap this post by saying the funny thing about Love is you just never know when it will enter because who would have ever thought a trip to New York in May would result in me feeling as though my best friend had returned home.


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