2901 Doyle Avenue....May 1975

 photo taken by jacquelyn roberts

In May of 1975 at my maternal grandmother's house we were preparing for a grand time.  My grandfather was in the carport churning ice cream and my 6 aunts and uncles were moving about the small 3 bedroom home where my grandparents had managed to raise 7 children and one rambunctious grandchild.  So on this particular day I was really feeling my 3 year old self I mean why not, there was a photographer there and everything.  So my grandmother enlisted a neighbor to try out the new polaroid camera and make sure to get lot's of pictures of Jackie.  I wasn't satisfied with just one picture however I told Ms. Deb wait let me change and at the end of it had changed 5 times before my grandmother noticed.

When my grandmother noticed at first it was cute until I told all 10 of the adults standing around looking at the pictures, "Let me see dawg they are MY pictures".  Ummmm 1975 south georgia not really an opportune time for a 3 year old to assert independence. So my grandmother Ola proceeds to tell me go get me a switch and wait in the den for me...uh oh you would think this would deter me.  Well it spurred me to then state "Mama they are my pictures and why should you be the only one to see them", yep let me tell you something my grandmother then proceeded to take 3 small branches braid them together and help me understand the all important lesson of there is a time and place for everything.

2901 Doyle Avenue...May 1975

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