13 years...

Wow!  Thinking back to where it all began and look at where we have grown together.  We started with Body Oils, T-Shirts and Candles.  We now have 3 distinct product lines: Incidentals Candles, Mi Sala Furnishings and Argent De Lait.  As we type this we think of all the Green Markets, Festivals, Vendor Markets etc we have setup over the years and are filled with a great sense of accomplishment.

We have taken literally $25 and a Dream...that has now become a distinctly Urban Home Interior Boutique.  We want to say thank you to everyone who has grown with us on this journey.  We appreciate all of your support and trying the new products as well as your favorite candles.

Over the next 4 months you will start to notice a few more products being added to the shop but namely our long dream of having Furniture upholstered in our fabrics will start to take shape.  Stay tuned we are about to take it up another level once again.


With Love and Appreciation,

 3 Piece Urban Artisan


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