2nd Quarter 2016...wow!

So much has happened in the 1st quarter of this year that I've moved beyond the initial dream and am evolving into a bigger more beautiful dream.

3 Piece has always been my 3rd child.  I've nurtured and loved 3 Piece right along with my 2 human children.  I've made some grand mistakes with 3 Piece the same way I made with Child Genius and Boy Wonder, loving unconditionally along the way.

3 Piece is and will always be personal.  Yes I sell items birthed from the creative spirit that inspires me but these things are personal and have meaning.  



aka "3 Piece Urban Artisan"

aka "Sassafras"

aka "Wonderful Star"

p.s.: The Crystal Stair mixed media piece was inspired by the Mother to Son poem by Langston Hughes.  I would read that to Boy Wonder every night from age 2 to 6.


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