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I lit my new beeswax tapers last night while I was burning two of my soy waxscents. So I was burning Kiss in the kitchen, Love in the living room and I put the tapers on the dining room table between the areas. Well, let me tell you before when I would burn two scents in the same vicinity the scents sort of blend in the air together. What I learned last night was because the beeswax were burning...

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I love music sooo much. I just watched the new Wyclef video for "Sweetest Girl" from his upcoming album The Carnival II. I was so in love with the original Carnival cd that I cannot wait for the new one. I am also feeling Jill Scott's new cd "The Real Thing" soooo much. I really love the song "Crown Royal". If that isn't me I don't know what is. As a matter of fact I had a ex-boyfriend call me on...

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I haven't updated everyone about the three new scents I have available from Incidentals by 3 Piece.

  • There is Scratch which contains Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils. I named this scent Scratch because since the Earth was "scratched" into existence Frankincense and Myrrh have existed.
  • There is Top Shelf which contains Vanilla, Sandalwood and Benzoin essential oils. I named this scent Top...

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I just poured my first batch of stand alone candles. Of course they are still all natural scented only with essential oils. They are in beeswax only because it allows for itself to be a stand alone candle without disintegrating completely. I am going to call it my One Mic series (you know like Nas). Well anyway the One Mic series is going to contain one scent only: Be(natural beeswax scent),...

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I have a blog. Look out world I just might shake up the world. I must confess I have been blogging for a while now over on myspace but not everyone has a myspace account. Soooo I created a new blog to ensure everyone has access to the fabulous thoughts that exist within my big head!

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