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Light Refocused

So I have decided to donate a portion of all my sales to 1 or 3 Charities. It is so much I would like to do to help however it is only so much time in 1 day. So I decided to contribute to a designated charity or multiple charities each year starting in 2007. I have placed a poll on this site so everyone can vote give their voice to my choice. I will contribute on December 31, 2007 so that is when...

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Neighborhood Charter School Fall Fling 11/3/2007

So my son attends Neighborhood Charter School in Grant Park. He has been there since Kindergarten and he is now in the 3rd grade. I love NCS it is very centered on ensuring that the kids are learning and not just repeating something for testing. As a charter school we are a public funded school however we receive 1/3 less funds from the state for our necessities so we have a lot of fundraising...

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Head Cheerleader Aletha Cherry

Ladies and Gentlemen, Above is the Head Cheerleader for 3 Piece her name is Aletha Cherry. She is present at each and every event 3 Piece participates in. She always comes equipped with that beautiful smile and great attitude. I want to thank Aletha for all of her wonderful support and please know it is greatly appreciated!!!!

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