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Do you Hulu?

I don't watch t.v. at all especially since I haven't had cable in two years however I have recently discovered Huluand I think I may be addicted to it, really. One night last week I was up until 2 am watching the entire first season of Drop Dead Diva I looooove that series. Now I've moved onto The Office starting at the beginning which I had never watched previously. My Que currently contains over...

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This time I did the interview on Str8 Up Talk

Sooooo awhile back I think in July my friend Cherice calls me and tells me I can be interviewed on a talk show she is the host of. I am so excited that I send all of these annoying email blasts and bulletins on my myspace pageto tell everyone please watch me on tv. Welllllllllllllll it turned out to be a hot ghetto mess but a great interview if you can get over the camera man having the detox...

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