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  The third installment in our The Corner series…Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Paschal Blvd where a movement was born. Leaders, Dignitaries and Dreamers stood at this corner to construct the future. The Corner No. 3 Throw Pillow  great for a urban loft or a splash of color in a neutral room.

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  Our BOOM 3000 Throw Pillow is one of our products of the week.  Created as homage to Jean Michel Basquiat and Andre 3000 as manifested in the form of street art.  BOOM 3000 is available as a throw pillow, cork coaster set, wrapped canvas and canvas poster.  Perfect addition to a bachelor pad or loft apartment.  

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So here are more new products that have gone up in the Shop. The throw pillows are giving me a run but I will keep plugging at it. I received an order yesterday for two custom sets of coasters (pretty geeked about that).

Since I will be riding trains for awhile so Child Genius can visit colleges I decided to post this great photo from the Life Archives. Also I think everyone now is aware that I...

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Above are pictures of the new throw pillows I am putting up in the shop today. I also have 3 more in production right now. More new products on the way I think I just hit my stride. Also below is an explanation of why I call the line Argent De Lait:

The First set of Argent De Lait throw pillows are going up in the Shop today. I named the throw pillow line Argent De Lait because I wanted it to...

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