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Design Inspiration: Ego Tripping

  This week's design "Ego Tripping" was inspired by one of my favorite poems by Nikki Giovanni "Ego Tripping".  I've written about this poem previously in 2008!!!  However since this design is only 2 years old I wanted to revisit the poem that inspired this particular mixed media piece. Ego TrippingNikki Giovanni (1973)I was born in the Congo.I walked to the Fertile Crescent and built the sphinx.I designed a pyramid so tough that a starthat only glows every one hundred years fallsinto the center giving divine perfect light.I am bad.I sat on the thronedrinking nectar with Allah.I got hot and sent an ice age to Europeto cool my thirst.My oldest daughter is Nefertiti.The tears from my birth painscreated the Nile.I...

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