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Something New Defined

Well as many people who visit this blog know I need music to create. It is as simple as that. I need music like some people need their cigarettes. So I am constantly on the lookout for new music sometimes I am like a little kid waiting for a cd/itunes to drop like with Paper Trail by T.I.. A friend of mine knows my addiction to music so he is always asking me what do I like. I turned my entire...

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The Julie Dexter Collection Debut!!!

We had our debut at Irwin Street Market today and it was great!!! Ketch A Vibe recording artist Julie Dexter has collaborated with 3 Piece to introduce her own candle scent. I created the scent to reflect her jamaican and british heritage. The Julie Dexter Collection soy candle contains notes of strawberry, lime and coconut. It is a fruity, sweet smell with a sharp contrast of the lime with just a...

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I love music sooo much. I just watched the new Wyclef video for "Sweetest Girl" from his upcoming album The Carnival II. I was so in love with the original Carnival cd that I cannot wait for the new one. I am also feeling Jill Scott's new cd "The Real Thing" soooo much. I really love the song "Crown Royal". If that isn't me I don't know what is. As a matter of fact I had a ex-boyfriend call me on...

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