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Okay well here I am again left to pick up the to work through this latest heartbreak we (the collective) will do the work necessary so we can stop this b.s....okay....okay.

Alrighty then so I know I haven't been here for awhile and I have been just living the good life, right.  My name is Jacquelyn Roberts, I am a woman, mother of two and owner of these 2 businesses (JRG, 3 Piece),...

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the headless Revolutionary No. 2 available here.

Sooo I am working on new the headless Revolutionary coasters and you know what the headless Revolutionary is my boo thang...he is flexible, does what I request and just wants to please me.

what's not to love?, right.


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You Look Hungry
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you can always contact Pam here: pamspivey@gmailcom care of George Clooney

So in the interest of full disclosure I would like to state that I love the creator of the You Look Hungry line Pam Spivey. She is one of the wittiest (sp) people I have ever met in my life. I will also state categorically that we have decided should we ever jump the crazy shark we will...

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