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So I have a Tumblr and I love it because it doesn't require analytical thinking just visually stimulating thoughts...I love to post collages everyday of things that are inspiring me or a color that is present in a number of it!!!


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image by j

So the above image are paintings that hang on the wall on the way into the Lab. I posted them there so I can look up and remind myself to B Love and Fly Free. It has taken me a while to understand who exactly I am now and what my spirit is working on during my time on this Earth. There is a book titled "The Secret Life of Bees" I read it initially about 5 years ago then bought a copy for...

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I am posting a picture of my inspiration board in the 3 Piece lab. I have quite a few quotes posted here along with pictures of people who inspire me. Directly below I have paintings by myself, Child Genius and Boy Wonder. Mine are more mixed media which drives Child Genius absolutely freaking crazy because she is very linear in her thinking and I am most assuredly am not. Boy Wonder on the other...

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