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Sunday Rituals at 3 Piece

Today I am going out again to look at cameras. I still haven't found the right one yet. I am also pouring candles because I have 500 candles due on the 10th of December for the BUST Craftacular taking place in New York on December 14th, 2008. I also have 25 candles due on December 5th for A Clothes Encounterwhich takes place on December 13th, 2008. So I am working hard for the money the entire...

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Special Pours and such

Well every since the Neighborhood Charter School Fall Fling I have been working on all the special pour requests that I received. I also am pouring to build inventory for my upcoming shows in December and the holiday orders that are coming in. This is perhaps our favorite time of the year here at 3 Piece. We love the crisp fall mornings, fires roaring in the fireplace and that first cup of coffee...

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Candle Scents 101 #5

BUGGINBuggin which contains Lemongrass, Rosemary and Lavendar essential oils. I named this scent Buggin because it is great for repelling bugs all of the scents are known bug repellents. I also created this scent exclusively for the wedding of Hal and Sarah Lanier last year held outside in South Georgia and Hal is not a fan of citronella. So I had to become creative and do a lot of research....

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