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BOOM 3000 Throw Pillow...product of the week

  Our BOOM 3000 Throw Pillow is one of our products of the week.  Created as homage to Jean Michel Basquiat and Andre 3000 as manifested in the form of street art.  BOOM 3000 is available as a throw pillow, cork coaster set, wrapped canvas and canvas poster.  Perfect addition to a bachelor pad or loft apartment.  

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Dancing Frees My Soul...product of the week

    Dancing has always been my preferred communication method. Dancing requires you to be completely in control and free at the same time. Dancing Frees My Soul available as a throw pillow, wrapped canvas, canvas poster and now as a cork coaster set. Dancing Frees My Soul is inherently feminine and soft.  Beautiful blues reminiscent of flying amongst the clouds.  Perfect for a glam bedroom or chaise lounge in the library.   Dancing Frees My Soul is also available as a tote bag on our Sassafras Society 6 shop.

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