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This is a very emotional and inspirational video.  The Slave Wreck Project and the work of the Diving With a Purpose organization is necessary in understanding our history and reclaiming our purpose.

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So I have been busy whew. Here are pics of some of the new items in the shop. First up are pics of unscented soy wax tea lights I've never sold these to the public I previously only sold these to event planners and restaurants wholesale, next are my new line of upcycled wine bottle candles available in all the scents I offer but starting with my very first scent SING, last but not least is the...

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As I was looking through my photo archives for an inspirational photo I found the above photograph taken from April 2006 when I would set up at the Piedmont Park Green Market. I have come so far with this business and still have about 5 journals full of plans for more. However sometimes you have to look back to appreciate from whence you have come. A lot of times I forget how many improvements I...

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